Digital Imaging

Imaging and Design are our specialties, We design your image with the flexibility to be used in several different formats such as portrait or landscape layout which is always important. We consult with you on a personal level to determine your exact needs and where you are likely to use your image. It is important to know everything before we create your new design so it works for you effectively.

We also work closely with local printing and screen printing companies, along with various local publications and can work together with these companies to obtain maximum communication so your image is consistent. So when you next require a new design image for your company or new product range design contact us for a creative team committed in offering you a unique and personal service.

Original photo untouched.

Dark shadows removed from Geese then placed in cloud background.

Printed on outdoor vinyl then laminated and mounted on 1/2″ PVC plastic.

Final print mounted in window frame.